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Sega Went Wrong by thegreatrouge Sega Went Wrong :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 659 257 .:Join-me:. Request fun 11! by cArDoNaNaVaS .:Join-me:. Request fun 11! :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 215 51 L-L: Sorrows page 75 by cArDoNaNaVaS L-L: Sorrows page 75 :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 330 88 L-L: Sorrows page 73 by cArDoNaNaVaS L-L: Sorrows page 73 :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 285 45 Sonic- Dark Doppels 495 En by RaianOnzika Sonic- Dark Doppels 495 En :iconraianonzika:RaianOnzika 48 27 Commission - At First Sight by Genolover Commission - At First Sight :icongenolover:Genolover 14 9 twilight by tonkiboi twilight :icontonkiboi:tonkiboi 797 925 Namine's Stairs in Oblivion by x-De3pWaTer-x Namine's Stairs in Oblivion :iconx-de3pwater-x:x-De3pWaTer-x 91 29
Shadamy - thanks 10
Sonic helped Amy up their eyes glued to the place where the noise came from. Amy felt a weird feeling she turned to Shadow, 'something's wrong...' a moment later there was a bright flash so blinding Shadow had to cover his eyes when he opened his eyes, Sonic and Amy where gone. 'What!' Shadow said looking around, 'Ugh I have to go find them again!' He raced off into the Shadows except was thrown back into the clearing, he landed on his head causing everything to go blurry, he mumbled to him self, 'second time in the space of 2 hours, this is not healthy for me...' and then he blacked out.
Amy fell to the ground all of her energy had been drained. Sonic stood up and raced towards Amy and helped her up, 'What just happened!' Sonic asked her
'Shadow said that I could teleport with the chaos energy in me' Amy said in a confused tone, 'and speaking of Shadow, Where is he?' She glanced around.
'He's ehhh...he's emmmm...back in that warehouse place...'
'What? we need to go back for him!'
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.:Doodle:. SonAmyShad by cArDoNaNaVaS .:Doodle:. SonAmyShad :iconcardonanavas:cArDoNaNaVaS 357 48
My true knight Ch. 8 - Danger ENG
My true knight
Chapter 8 - Danger
Sonic's POV
We continued to walk towards the camp. And without knowing why, as I walked, I looked at Amy. More precisely, to her lips. It was strange. I never looked so intently at her lips. I felt that they were different and unique. I felt that they were so... tempting. Strangely and strongly tempting. If only I could approache mines and...
"Hey! Wait a second!" I said in thoughst. What the hell was I thinking? I shook my head. And suddenly, a sharp pain appeared in my right leg, interrupting my strange thoughts. I looked down. The wound of the bite that the wolf had given me was bleeding. It was not long until Amy noticed in my little "weakness." 
-What happened to you?! - She asked, looking at the wound.
- Meh. I was bitten by a wolf a bit ago. - I replied. Amy looked at me blankly.
- When we reach the camp, I'll disinfect it - and without letting me respond, she grabbed my arm and dragged me to the de
:iconcrazyjefffersonian:CrazyJefffersonian 2 8
Rescue by kalisami Rescue :iconkalisami:kalisami 1,080 95 Gilderoy Lockhart by LeahRosslyn Gilderoy Lockhart :iconleahrosslyn:LeahRosslyn 25 11 Luna and the Squid by foxestacado Luna and the Squid :iconfoxestacado:foxestacado 615 79 Kingdom Hearts compilation by ElinTan Kingdom Hearts compilation :iconelintan:ElinTan 4,860 674

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Sonic New Age Chapter.2
Sonic New Age Chapter.2 "Weird Or Not Weird?"
I took the afternoon bus home from the cafe,i had to stand up due to all the school children that lived futher away from town.
When i got home Tails was already home sitting on the couch making his homework.
”Hi Amy!How was work?” He ask without looking up from his English book.
”Stressfull.But i met Vanilla,she told me that Cream had been missing you.” I say and take of my jacket and shoes. ”Why don't you go over sometime?”
Tails suddenly look up at me and blush,i raise my eyebrowns and look back at him.
”Actually i want to,but...”
”But what?”
”I don't know..when i'm with her..i kinda feel dizzy and stumble upon my words..” he really do confused when he continues ”And at night she just pop up in my mind...Is that normal?”
I then realise me and Tails hasen't have the 'flowers and bees' talk yet.I feel terribely guilty since as a young teenager you can really
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 2 0
Sonic New Age Chapter.1
Sonic New Age Chapter.1 "My life"
I slowly take off the black pair of slippes while the other girls already had started to leave.
Today's training had been awful,i had made wrong steps and had been falling into the others countless of times.After awhile the trainer had sent me out and washed me off in the face with her water bottle which caused my make-up to stream down my terrified face.
I pick up the slippers and put them in my worn-out bag along with my white tights and black suit.
I then put on my plaid skirt with a way too big T-shirt with my number one biggest hero's loggo printed on it.Which he had given me on my last birthday.
”You need ride home Amy?” A voice called from above my head.
It was Dina,one of the girls that felt sorry for me due to my poor excuse of dancing talent.
”No thanks.Sonic will pick me up.” I say while putting on my high boots.”As always.”
”Oh,i didn't know that.” She says with an innocent face expression.
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 1 0
Twilight - Sonic style Chapter.1
My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down. It was seventy-five degrees in Mobius, the sky a perfect, cloudless blue. I was wearing my favorite dress sleeveless, and a bright red colour.I was wearing it as a farewell gesture. My carry-on item was an old parka.
  In the north of Mobius hidden in the Great Forest, a small town named Knothole exists under a near-constant cover of clouds. It rains on this inconsequential town more than any other place in Mobius. It was from this town and its gloomy, omnipresent shade that my mother escaped with me when I was only a few months old. It was in this town that I'd been compelled to spend a month every summer until Iwas fourteen. That was the year I finally put my foot down; these past three summers, my dad, Charlie, vacationed with me in the south of Mobius for two weeks instead.
  It was to Knothole that I now exiled myself,an action that I took with great horror. I detested Knothole.
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 2 1
Amy Rose Story Chapter 13
Amy Rose story Chapter.13 "Memories"
The necklace laid beside the open window,small glims of sun streaming down on it revealed it's shape.
A rose.
It had never been given to it's rightfull owner the night before.
Now it was here in the hero of Mobius room,the hero himself was still asleep without knowing that the necklace would have great weight for his friend.
But what you don't know can't hurt you right?
Sonic's P.O.V
I wake up with a big headache my eyes try to focus on the things around me.But everything is blurry  like when you run at full speed.What's wrong with me?
Last night i had done something i never thought i would do.Or at least not when i still had my whole life ahead.I kissed Amy Rose.My childhood friend since i was 9 years old.
A bit weird,way past annoying sometimes,caring and helpfull,sweet and innocent,short tempered,funny and my first true friend.
All that was gone,now she's lost and has become my....I don't even know.
I want to be away from her and close at the sam
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 5 0
Mature content
Amy Rose as Anastasia Chapter.1 :iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 4 1
Sonic Hunger Games Chapter 4
'R-i-i-i-t-c-h!'   I grab the chair tighter and make a small nocie of pain when Ebony ,a big black cat with starring green eyes,drags off a pice of papper from my arm and alot of my hair follows. "Sorry.." She says with a deep voice "But your sooo hairy!"Ebony tries to look compassionately and continues to drag off the last pice and the last hair of my arms.I feel a tear left my eye and i try to stand against the stinging pain.
I have been on this 'Beauty Center' almost four hours now and not even met my stylist yet.He probably waits until the other assistens jas get rid of the most of my hair (not her body fur) and natrual look.But i won't protest even when they cut of my nails or shaved my eyebrowns.
"Your doing just fine!" Says a squirrel called Elias and shock his head while he admires himself in a small mirror "We don't like cry-baybs.Lubricate her!"
Ebony and Mina,a young girl with long purple hair and looks like some kind of bear to me,lubricates me with something
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 4 8
Sonic Hunger Games Chap.3
As soon as the national song ends the guards escort us to 'The Justice Building'.
It's in here we
will say farwell to our families and friends.Some guards pull me into a seperate room with a cosy
couch,the room is full of sunshine and a bottle of water i standing
on a small table.I drink a big glass and then i sit down in the couch.
My sister and mother comes in first.Cream runs to me and sits in my knee while she hugs me tight.Mother is just standing in
the door opening with a pale face starring at me.It's all quiet in
a few minutes until i finally speak: "Mom come here." I say.She
walks over to me and sits down,i let go of Cream and tell her to sit on her own.Then i quickly grab
my mother's arm in a hard grip and whispre in her ear with a
even hard voice: "Listen to me.." she gets a scared expression and slowly nods. "You can't leave her
again." "I know.I promise.I couldn't help myself that time...." She says with
a low voice."I don't care!This is not about
you this time,it's about C
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 9 2
Sonic Hunger Games Chap.2
I felt it like everything froze,the time stops and my heart has stop beating.One second i see my sister ,she's pale and got fear in her eyes,while she carefuly starts to walk up to the stage.It's then i come back to real and whispre: "Cream...!" The next second i'm running through the crowd of people and scream as high as i can."Cream!" I feel everyone staring at me,i'm almost at her.  
"Cream!!"I caught her in my arms just as she was going up to the stage.I hold her tight while i whispre in her ear: "I won't let them take you Cream..Don't worry...I'll protect you..."Suddenly a bunch of guards grab me away from her,I desperatly tries to break free while i in my head understands what i must do.."I TAKE HER PLACE!" i scream and everyone quiet."How wonderful!" Elise Trinket says "But we must ask if someone else wants to take this young girls place,hm?""As if it would matter?" The mayor suddenly says.
I see his looking at me with the same blue eyes as Sally.
He doesn't know more
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 7 14
Sonic Hunger Games Chap.1
I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the room.My sister,Cream,and my mother,Vanilla,was still asleep.They both slept in the big bed with their arms around each other,which made it look like they're cuddling.Lower down on the bed it slept a little blue chao which Cream dearly admired.But the chao had always hated me,i think he still remebers when i tried to cut of his wings when i was younger.The memory makes me grin a bit while i put on my hunting boots.Drag on a pair of jeans,put on a shirt,put my braided hair under the hood of my jacket and takes my hunting-bag over the shoulder.And then i carefuly walks out through the door and out in the cold morning.
Our part of District 12 is called 'The Seam'.At this time of the morning it used to be alot of people walking to the mine.But since it's 'The Reaping Cermony'(is it the right word?)i guess everyone has taken the chance to sleep longer.
I walk over the field until i come to the fencing ,which is all around our district.I easily ta
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 14 20
We Are The Eagle
"The Wings Represent Our Wisdom That Gives Us Power To Fly Away.
The Head Represent Our Sharp Brains Which Always Is Open To Learn New Things.
The Eyes Represent Our Beauty That Reflects From Our Soul's Mirror.
The Claws Represent Our Wit That Always Grabs The Snitch In The Wind Of Freedom."
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 2 0
Amy Rose Story Chap.12
Amy Rose Story Chapter 12  The Date
In a place far away were was the big city called "DursCity".The sun were only up in a few hours.
Directly when the sun went down it was dangerous to go out alone on the streets.
There were many criminals and violence rape gangs that ravaged the city..
And poor womens and childs who lived on the street were sometimes the offers.
The city was covered by the dark clouds who made the days hard and cold.
A dark figure came walking down the dark street.Her steps were quick and steady.
The person stayed outside a lighted up bar,and the person stayed up and glanced inside.
The person nodded slowly and walked in.
There was loud music in there and a gang was in the corner and played billard,A few other people sat on the small tables and drank beer and talked low and mysterious with each other.
She walked over to the bar desk and sat down on the high chairs besides a grey hedgehog who drank something weird..
The person took off her hood and a face was
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 13 8
A Broken Valentine Heart..
Like a blossom that falls from it's tree..
You came to me so free.
Like a flower has to rise with the sun..
You only need my love for fun.
Like a root that needs water to grow..
You can so easy me away blow.
Like a flower that starts to fade away when the winter come..
Your lust seem to leave and i stand there blind and dumb.
Like a raindrop fall down on the empty earth..
A inner loneliness start to rebirth.
Like a flowers spirit that is no longer bound..
You have left me down here on the cold ground....
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 0 1
Sonic's Christmas Carol: The Reminder
(Read this first) I had a thought in my head to do another story but it didn't make sense so i made up another one.Anyway hope you enjoy
Christmas the time of the year to be with friends and family,But also to realise something,something that actually only YOU can know.I realised this one christmas a long time ago..It made me realise that even if you are seperate from someone you love on christmas,That person will always think about you.Because that's what christmas does to us.Christmas reminds us about each other and reminds this special thing..The thing i'll tell you about now....
6.00 pm
-Ohh the christmas tree looks wonderful Amy! Cream said impressed and looked at the big green tree,who standed in the living room.
-Thanks..Yeah it took me only 11 hours to make everything ready for tomorrow. Amy said proud and looked at all the food and decorations around her.
-Yeah,you sure did work hard.
-But everything is wor
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 7 0
My Sonic Meme by PrincessAmylRose My Sonic Meme :iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 0 3
Amy Rose Story Chap.11
Amy Rose Story Chapter 11  A Angel's Pain
Cream woke up early next morning,she got dressed in her knee-length pink socks,a blue skirt,and her pink shirt.Then she put her hair up in a small ponytail and she put on all their bracelets, and finally a pair of blue sneakers.
Thdn she woke up her little chao; Chesse,who slept in a little doll bed.
-Come on Chesse,we have to do the morning walk before breakfast. Cream said
-Chao Chao.. Chesse said and flew up from his bed and sat down on Creams shoulder.
Then she quiet walked out from her room,downstairs,and out into the early morning sun.
-Ahh..what a beautiful morning,don't you think Chesse? Cream said while she stretched a bit.
-Chao Chao! Chesse said and smiled happily.
Cream started to jog around the town and then she ended in the park.
A few people were there,four hedgehogs walked around and photographed diffrent things and two young lovers were sitting on a bench near the litttle lake and just enjoyed the morning.
:iconprincessamylrose:PrincessAmylRose 10 5
'They never leave us..'
"Luna and Filch" short story about Mary Norris.
It was a normal afternoon on Hogwarts; The students used to make their homeworks at this time.
Argus Filch was down on his office and enjoyed his favourite moment on the day,and right now he looked in some old books he had found at home.He had been looking in some old reference books,and some almost completely destroyed nature books he had used in the muggle school he had been in for so many years ago..
After a while he saw a strange but kind of familar book down on the bottom of the box,Filch picked it up and brushed the dust off it.
-What is this..? Filch wondred and carfully opened it.
It was an old photo album, and on the front, he saw a skinny boy with dirty brown hair and worn clothes.Filch immediately recognized it as himself when be was a kid..
Filch looked at the other pictures of his past; Family photos,School dances,Birthdays..
Then he saw himself and a women with long blonde hair and big blue eyes who smiled at him on the phot
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